Yflow® designs and manufactures Custom/Tailored Coaxial Electrospinning Multi-Nozzle Devices based on Yflow® Multiplexed Nozzle Technology by Yflow® Coaxial Electrospinning & Electrospraying Tech. Yflow® Multi-Nozzle Devices build upon our leading research expertise on the synthesis of nanoparticles/nanofibers by means of Yflow® Coaxial Electrospinning & Electrospraying Tech.  Manipulation of  electrified micro and nanojets allows the formation of nanofibers & nanoparticles, which are crucial for a wide variety of industrial and research  applications  such as  food  technology, pharmaceuticals, textiles, aeronautics, drug  encapsulation/delivery,  bioengineering,  catalysis  and nanosensors, to cite a few.

Yflow® Coaxial Electrospinning Multi-Nozzle Devices are  very  competitive  products  and manufactured  following  the criteria of scientists and engineers to fulfill customer requirements. We aim at inexpensive,  easy  to  use  Yflow® Multi-Nozzle Devices that  allows  scalable  and  clean  operation while  retaining  full  control  of  the  running  processes.

Yflow® Coaxial Electrospinning Multi-Nozzle Devices are  the best  choice  to  deal  with laboratory research  and/or massive core-shell or plain nanoparticle/nanofiber production.

It is well known that a Multiplexed Nozzle must be optimized for each solution. Viscosity, surface tension and electrical conductivity affects to the behavior of  a solution under electrical stresses, so needles compacity into a major system too.

Yflow® offers its expertise and know how designing and manufacturing Custom/Tailored Multi-Nozzle Devices adapted to a certain solution, including the possibility to incorporate inert atmosphere (Ar, CO2,…) to the device to increase the electrical rupture tension to avoid «corona effect».

by Yflow® Coaxial Electrospinning & Electrospray Tech.

Multi-Nozzle Devices based on Yflow® Multiplexed Nozzle Technology